Premium members are one of the main pillars of the organisation and help us formulate and live LIFE’s vision and principles. Their contribution has made the dream of a better Lebanese global community become a reality.
The Premium Members Network represents LIFE's most senior and most engaged group of current members. Mostly, MD-level or above with 15 years of experience in the relevant fields of Consultancy, Finance,  Law and Tech and wish to contribute financially and otherwise to the organisation. 

We do believe that we are “stronger together”. In order to combine our strengths we have created a novel and simple communication tool: the Premium Members Network, composed of current Premium members ONLY.  
This platform will allow the current Premium members to share ideas, provide opinions and feedback all year long rather than just during the LIFE offsites.  It will also be used to seek advice and/or a helping hand with projects or ideas any Premium member may have, which could take the form of a referral to someone within the Premium Members’s network (LIFE and external).

If you are interested to know more or to join this group, please contact the Connect Team

US$ 10K Premium Members

Firas Abi-Nassif
Michael Arpey
Najib Canaan
Serge Karaoglan
François Kayat
Mansour Khalife
Jean-Claude Mourad
Ramzi Rishani
Mario Saradar
Wahbe A. Tamari
Anonymous (2)

US$ 5K Premium Members

Naïm Abou-Jaoudé
Camille Abousleiman
Michel Accad
Michel Adjadj
Mohamed Alem
Michel Antakly
Georges Assi
Marc Audi
Sherine Audi
Makram Azar
Saad Azhari
Khalil Barrage
Rindala Beydoun
Charles Cascarilla
Marcel Cassard
Gabriel Chahine
Emile Chammas
Wahid Chammas
Farid Chedid
Yves Choueifaty
Mouhammed Choukeir
Jean-Pierre Daccache
Alain Dargham
Raymond Debbane
Ahmad Deek
Youssef Dib
Georges Dirani
Roni El Chahal
Rami El Jisr
Hala Fadel
Carl Faker
Elissar Farah Antonios
Khaled Fathallah
Patrick George
Imad Ghandour
Nadim Ghantous
Emmanuel Gresh
Alexis Habib
Dania Haffar-Bazzy
Youssef Haidar
Karim Hajjar
Nagi Hamiyeh
Walid Hanna
Radwan Hariri
Alexandre Harkous
Camille Hayek
Carlos Heneine
Joe Issa el Khoury
Jean-Marc Jabre
Habib Kairouz
Wissam Kairouz
Adel Kanso
Nadim Kassar
Georges Khoueiri
Michel Kilzi
Sanny Makki
Iyad Malas
Marc Malek
Firas Mallah
Marwan Marshi
Gabriel Matar
Patrick Merville
Hadi Mouawad
Nadim Mourad
Tarek Nahas
Karim Nasrallah
May Nasrallah
Paul Raphael
Raya Raphael Nahas
Walid Raphael
Jean Riachi
Kamil M. Salame
Sari Sahyoun
Alexandre Salem
Jean Salome
Samer Salty
Marwan Shakarchi
Omar Slim
Antoine Souma
Kamal Tabet
Karim Tabet
Ziad Tabet
Samir Taleb
Tony Tamer
Jacques J. Tohme
Sasha van de Water
Bassam Yammine
Ahmed Youssef
Anwar Zakkour
Walid Zein
Anonymous (2)