It is time to save Lebanon.
October 2019

Today, our country is facing an unprecedented economic and political crisis with Lebanese citizens taking to the streets all over the country and around the world. In the absence of immediate and radical measures and structural reforms, Lebanon is heading towards economic and financial meltdown adversely affecting Lebanese citizens of all walks of life.

As an apolitical, non-sectarian organisation of finance professionals with experience in markets that have faced similar challenges, LIFE has repeatedly warned Lebanese policymakers about the worsening economic and financial situation. Those warnings were captured in 2017 in an economic paper (link) made available to our members and discussed with key policy makers where we called for immediate action. Although the gravity of the economic situation was apparent to most, the policy response since, has been insufficient to stop the country from sliding into a full-blown crisis. 

Over the past few months, we have been preparing a comprehensive plan for immediate action offering an independent approach based on our collective knowledge and experience. LIFE is today issuing this plan in a white paper "It is time to save Lebanon" (link) which we shared with Lebanese and international organisations, policy makers and think tanks.

Thanks to many of you who have contributed to these thoughts. Should you wish to express any views on this paper, please reply to

We will continue to avail ourselves and our organisation to work towards a brighter future for Lebanon.