As the premier organisation for the Lebanese financial diaspora, LIFE is often called upon by policymakers and Lebanese economic bodies to share its expertise in matters of economic policy. The Promote Policy initiative articulates and voices the diaspora’s view on economic policy in Lebanon, in the hope of advancing policies that are conducive to the creation of a stronger Lebanon with a robust economy and financial system.

Under the Policy initiative, Promote has organised forums both in Lebanon and abroad to facilitate the exchange of views between domestic policymakers and LIFE members. Promote is also involved in providing an impartial platform to debate and advance Lebanon’s economic policies.

To that effect, a group largely made up of LIFE Promote Committee members has drafted a position paper which articulates our thoughts on the current economic and financial situation. The data we have used were checked with the Central Bank of Lebanon and the Ministry of Finance, for factual accuracy.

For the white paper, please click here

Results of the Promote Questionnaire on the Lebanese Economy - August 2018

LIFE-MEI Podcast “Avoiding an economic crisis in Lebanon” - July 2019