Selection Criteria

  • Social Focus: Defined as (i) Education with a job integration program, and (ii) Financial Inclusion (financial services made available to the disadvantaged).
  • Impact: Focus on high impact initiatives with a multiplier effect of the benefits provided.
  • Type of enterprise: Private - excludes governmental organisations.
  • Beneficiaries: Majority Lebanese from disadvantaged communities with no distinction based on gender or religion.
  • Ethics & Compliance: Subject to performing KYC checks (AML and anti-terrorism). These enterprises should be non-religious, apolitical, transparent, have a good reputation and a strong governance.
  • Scalability: Enterprise should have been in business for at least 2 years and able to grow over time.
  • Sustainability: Enterprise should be able to generate revenues and start covering its costs at least over time and is able to secure its own sources of funding.
  • Competence of the founding member/executive team: Should be capable of driving the enterprise forward.
  • Partner organisation: Ideally the enterprise would be sponsored by an organisation which LIFE has vetted to provide us leverage on the ground.