LIFE signed a partnership with StartechEUS, a Beirut based Fintech accelerator, academy and VC fund under one roof launched and led by one of our Premium Members Alexandre Harkous.

This initiative's objective is to train, mentor and invest in fintech start-ups that have Lebanese founders either based in Lebanon or in the diaspora, ranging from early stage to growth stage and leading to a successful exit in international markets.

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About Alexandre Harkous:
Alexandre Harkous is Executive Chairman and Founder of OneWealthPlace.
OneWealthPlace acts as strategic partner to Asset Managers and Private Banks to help them in their Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain solutions.
Alexandre has over 25 years of solid experience in strategy, business development and technology for the Capital Markets and Asset Management industries. He worked for international banks, then joined Deloitte Consulting where he developed the Asset Management Practice in Paris working closely with various global Asset Managers, such as HSBC, Merrill Lynch, Schroders, Fidelity, UBS, Capital Group, JP Morgan and ABN AMRO.
He is a serial entrepreneur with the experience of creating and building different startups from scratch to a global level:
• Executive Director at SIP, sold in 1998 to Misys
• Founder and former CEO of BISAM Group, sold in March 2017 to Factset.
• Chairman and Owner of Harinvest Capital, an investment vehicle based in Luxembourg
• Alexandre is a Board Member of different companies in France and the UK
He holds a Degree in Engineering and Computer Science.

Social Enterprise Support Programme

As part of LIFE’s mission to support entrepreneurship and sustainable job creation in Lebanon, Promote launched a support programme for a carefully selected number of social enterprises based on a rigorous list of criteria. This programme entails providing mentorship, facilitating introductions to relevant partners and stakeholders and providing financial support.

Selection process:

The following selection criteria would be reviewed:

  • Social Focus: Defined as (i) Education with a job integration program, and (ii) Financial Inclusion (financial services made available to the disadvantaged).
  • Impact: Focus on high impact initiatives with a multiplier effect of the benefits provided.
  • Type of enterprise: Private - excludes governmental organisations.
  • Beneficiaries: Majority Lebanese from disadvantaged communities with no distinction based on gender or religion.
  • Ethics & Compliance: Subject to performing KYC checks (AML and anti-terrorism). These enterprises should be non-religious, apolitical, transparent, have a good reputation and a strong governance.
  • Scalability: Enterprise should have been in business for at least 2 years and able to grow over time.
  • Sustainability: Enterprise should be able to generate revenues and start covering its costs at least over time and is able to secure its own sources of funding.
  • Competence of the founding member/executive team: Should be capable of driving the enterprise forward.
  • Partner organisation: Ideally the enterprise would be sponsored by an organisation which LIFE has vetted to provide us leverage on the ground.

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