On Tuesday 4th August 2020 Beirut was rocked by a massive explosion, causing catastrophic humanitarian, economic and public health crises. Over 200 people died, 5000 wounded and more than 80,000 homes were damaged.

In light of the situation and the need to reach out far and wide, LIFE joined forces with fellow Lebanese diaspora organisations LebNet and SEAL, joined by the Jamhour Alumni (Europe + US) and The Kuwait-America Foundation to form a unified humanitarian effort, the Beirut Emergency Fund.

Our aim is to amplify coordination, outreach and impact. We are working with well vetted NGOs and institutions on the ground, with the support of 3QA, to ensure that the funds are disbursed in a coordinated manner and focus efforts on the most pressing needs resulting from this tragedy: Rehabilitation of households and SMEsHospitalsMedical Needs and Mental Health.

We will monitor the disbursement of the funds and report back to you on every organisation we support. We will also be collaborating with Impact Lebanon on the allocation and disbursement of funds to avoid any duplication in funding.

If you have not yet donated, please donate and wherever possible utilise your companies donation programmes to match your individual donations.

Please help us spread the word, Lebanon needs your help.


  1. Mapping of local NGOs active in areas of focus
  2. Pre-vetting and selection of a first batch of NGOs
  3. Thorough due diligence conducted by 3QA, a social enterprise assisting NGOs to improve organisational efficiency and governance
  4. Each NGO gets a score based on their: good governance, financial management and impact measurement
  5. Selected NGOs submit a proposal, reviewed by a committee
  6. Funds get allocated to each NGO
  7. Funds get disbursed
  8. Monitoring and reporting, conducted by 3QA



  • Al Ghina

    Renovation of 27 homes and family sponsorship to meet the urgent needs of 23 families

    Funding: $50,000

  • Arcenciel/Melanie Freiha Foundation

    Supplying 247 homes with 346 home appliances

    Funding: $217,000 (local money)

  • Baytna Baytak

    Rehabilitate 176 homes

    Funding: $300,000

  • Beit El Baraka

    • Rehabilitate 10 buildings which include 129 homes and 29 SMEs in Rmeil, Achrafieh
    • Rehabilitation includes interior and exterior work

    Funding: $650,000

  • House of Christmas (Together Libeirut)

    Rehabilitation, machinery, capacity building and legal support to 75 micro businesses in Gemayze, Mar Mikhael and Bourj Hammoud

    Funding: $300,000

  • Lebanese Food Bank

    Buying 321 home appliances

    Funding: $225,000 (local money)

  • Live Love Beirut

    Rehabilitate 15 homes

    Funding: $56,000


  • Maan Fi Al Mihan Association (AKA Solidarity Lebanon)

    Rehabilitate 300 homes

    Funding: $500,000

  • Nusaned

    • Rehabilitate 61 residential units and 8 shops, including fixing facades of 5 buildings in Geitaoui, Achrafieh
    • Rehabilitate 184 residential units and 58 shops in Bourj Hammoud

    Funding: $300,000

  • Offre Joie

    • Rehabilitate buildings and community spaces on 6 streets: 3 in Karantina and 3 in Mar Mikhael
    • Rehabilitation work covered by the Beirut Emergency Fund: 17 buildings comprising of 170 homes and 15 SMEs

    Funding: Up to $1m

  • Rene Moawad Foundation

    Rehabilitate 27 homes, 1 high and the rest medium to light damages

    Funding: $50,000



  • Arcenciel

    3 months supply for 925 beneficiaries: protective sheets, adult diapers, urinary bags and catheters, colostomy/urostomy equipment and 3 people to manage and distribute equipment

    Funding: $102,000 (partially in local dollars)

  • Assameh Birth & Beyond - Karantina Hospital

    New Fetoscope machine and Endoscopy machine repairs

    Funding: $100,000

  • Hopital Libanais Geitaoui

    • 13-14 elevators 
    • Fire-rated doors
    • Aluminum and glass for old and new building 

    Funding: $400,000

  • Hopital Saint Joseph des Soeurs de la Croix

    Damage repairs - glass, aluminium and medical machines repair

    Funding: $250,000

  • Hotel-Dieu De France

    Repair damages caused by the explosion

    Funding: $100,000

  • Lebanese Red Cross

    General Crisis Response Effort

    Funding: $100,000

  • Lebanon Needs

    • Rehabilitate 4 Primary Healthcare Centers and Saint Marc's Laboratory and repair an MRI machine 
    • Build a community healthcare worker task force and a home care task force

    Funding: $200,190

  • St. Georges Hospital

    ICU and PICU wards: savings of 50% on the original budget allowed the rehabilitation of both units

    Funding: $1.2 million



  • APEG

    • Provide mental health support to 300 children and their families (3,000 free consultations) for a period of 12 months
    • Rehabilitate the center premises

    Funding: $125,000

  • Cenacle de la Lumiere (CDLL)

    • Provide mental health treatment to 250 patients
    • Psychological first aid training to frontline workers
    • Awareness building to parents on youth mental health and wellbeing
    • Capacity building to 150 teachers on youth mental health and well-being

    Funding: $67,500

  • Embrace

    Additional staff and equipment to expand hours of operation by 3 hours thus allowing increased Mental Health support

    Funding: $26,300

  • Happy Childhood Foundation

    Provide mental health support to 200 children and their families affected by the explosion

    Funding: $80,000

  • Himaya

    • Provide Mental Health support to 75 children and 120 caregivers
    • Distribute baby food kits to 40 families and disposable diapers to 80 babies

    Funding: $53,800




    400 families in Beirut received food products purchased from SEAL farmers beneficiaries

    Funding: $10,320

  • Rifaq Al Darb

    • Food items to prepare daily meals to feed 400 families for 4 months
    • Daily diaper needs for 70 elderlies and 70 babies for a month
    • 38% of food items purchased from SEAL farmers beneficiaries

    Funding: $14,240

  • SOS Villages

    • A building owned by SOS Villages in Achrafieh was damaged by the explosion
    • This building is rented and is a source of income for SOS Villages, used to fund children expenses at various villages

    Funding: $15,000



Emergency Relief Fund - Campaign completed

The LIFE Emergency Relief Fund was launched to raise money for 14 carefully selected projects from a list of NGOs in Lebanon which focus on supporting some of the most vulnerable Lebanese communities across the nation.
This fund was launched at the beginning of 2020 as a response to the rapidly deteriorating economic situation.
Close to 80% of the funding has already been dispersed serving over 30,000 beneficiaries to date.

For more information please click here

LIFE's Emergency Relief Fund - Phase 1

LIFE's Emergency Relief Fund - Phase 1


LIFE's Emergency Relief Fund - Phase 2

LIFE's Emergency Relief Fund - Phase 2