Promote acts as the bridge between LIFE and Lebanon’s public and private sectors, channelling LIFE’s expertise and influence towards the development of the Lebanese economy.

Our activities will be defined across 5 distinct initiatives:

1.    Promote sound economic and financial policy in Lebanon 
2.    Foster a dialogue with policymakers in Washington DC  
3.    Encourage foreign investment into the Lebanese economy 
4.    Boost job creation and entrepreneurship, particularly within Lebanon’s areas of natural competitive advantage 
5.    Support the sustainability of the financial ecosystem and enhance its international reach 

Ongoing Projects

Invest in Lebanon
Honorary Board of Advisors, US
Policy Initiative
Job Creation

Omar Itani, General Manager of FabricAID

Without your network, facilitation and introductions it would have not been possible. As you know as a starting social enterprise connecting to big corporates is crucial for our growth yet very hard to achieve since we lack the network and know-how. Your network facilitation and mentoring are yielding us with many benefits and for that FabricAID's teams thank you a lot.

Zeina Saab, Co-Founder of SE Factory

We had the wonderful opportunity to present SE Factory at the LIFE Global Business Summit last December 2017. As a result of that event, LIFE became more involved in supporting us in a number of different ways, including actively introducing us to several LIFE members for networking, fundraising and mentorship. This support has been so valuable to us and LIFE continues to be involved even as we plan to expand beyond Beirut. We thank LIFE for guiding us and advising us throughout this period as we transition into a financially sustainable social enterprise!