Scholar Mentoring

Mentoring is at the heart of LIFE's Scholarship programme; it is part of what makes a LIFE Scholarship special. It engages members from all tiers to mentor our undergraduate and postgraduate scholars globally throughout their studies. Mentoring gives students access to one-to-one advice, counselling and guidance when making academic and professional choices.

LIFE pairs mentors and mentees by looking for the best match between:

  • Scholar's area of interest and profile
  • Mentor's experience, profile and skills

Scholar Mentoring is continuous throughout the years of study.

*Whenever possible, we try our best to also match the geographical locations of the mentor and the mentee.

How to become a Mentor

If you would like to become a mentor or a mentee, you can send us your request by email on the following link

You can view our Guidelines here.

Existing Mentees and Mentors

For current mentors and mentees, you can create and view your activities by following the simple steps listed below: