LIFE Holberton Academy Scholarship Programme

  • Are you Lebanese/of Lebanese descent?
  • Are you in financial need?
  • Do you want to boost your career prospects and get hired by top tech companies such as Google, Facebook and LinkedIn?
  • Have you received your acceptance from the Holberton Academy?

If you answered YES to ALL the above questions and you meet ALL the criteria, you could be eligible for the Holberton LIFE/ASFARI Scholarship

The deadline for applications is 1st December 2020

Please review your application carefully before submitting. Once submitted you will no longer be able to modify it.

Additional information

Startecheus signed a partnership agreement with Holberton Academy, a Software Engineering School from Silicon Valley with a successful track record, to offer their world-class tech courses in Beirut. Graduates of Holberton School are being hired by top tech companies such as Google, Facebook, Tesla, LinkedIn and IBM.

Holberton, is now offering for its second cohort of students, 100% online and up-to-date tracks in Machine Learning, Web React & Block-chain. Each of these tracks includes different modules covering the latest technologies and the duration of each module is around 3 months.

The content of Holberton online tracks is run in parallel worldwide, meaning you will be taking the same content offered by Holberton in their 13 campuses around the world. The online learning will happen across campuses and students from all over the world will be able to interact (especially for module 2 of each track).

If you are a tech entrepreneur looking to grow your startup, this is the opportunity for you. These trainings equip your tech team with the latest technologies and skills to implement and build your solution.
If you are a Manager in a tech corporate and you are looking to keep your company at the cutting edge of technology, this is a chance for your company to compete regionally and globally!

Whether you are Software Developer seeking employment or whether you are seeking a better job opportunity and career evolution, then this is your chance to enroll in one of these world-class tech courses and build a profile with the most-demanded tech skills. The professional skills and technologies that you'll learn through these courses are in high demand regionally as well as internationally allowing you to easily secure high sought-after jobs in top tech companies and to work remotely in the USA & Europe. 

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