Newsletter - Q3 2020





We would like to welcome Youssef Dib as the new Chair of the Beirut Committee. 

A big thank you to Nadim Ghantous who has been chairing the committee since 2016. 

Youssef is General Manager of the banking arm of the Saradar Group in charge of Private and Investment Banking, as well as President of Swiss Financial House, the wealth management affiliate of Saradar Group based in Geneva.




In this past quarter, we continued to deliver webinars with a diverse range of topics, many of which were Lebanon-centric, as well as those Covid-19 related.

We also hosted exclusive discussions open to Premium Members with some of our senior-most and Board members.
In particular, we were delighted to present the “LIFE Beyond Finance” webinars as we welcome members in Consultancy, Law and Technology.


Catch-up on webinars you might have missed here







Mouhammed Choukeir (Chair) - London

Dania Haffar Bazzy - Dubai
Rindala Beydoun - Beirut
Khaled Fathallah - London
Patrick George - London
Alexandre Harkous - London
Ahmed Youssef - Dubai




Since January 2020, when LIFE launched its Education Emergency Fund, more than 70 scholarships were awarded to undergraduate students studying in Lebanon.

Due to the severity of the sitation, LIFE donated $600k to LIFE Generation in order to provide scholarships to more students in Lebanon.
This year, we have the largest pool of scholars so far since inception, reaching to more than 100.
Around 40 students will be graduating this summer and we are working closely with them to make sure they find the right opportunities after graduation.




Khalil Barrage (Chair) - New York


Christiane El Habre - Dubai
Nadim Ghantous - Beirut
Rana Karadsheh Haddad - Singapore
Khodor Mattar - New York


Diane Morris - London
Aya Murr - New York
Guy Noujaim - Paris
David Syriani - New York
Sasha van de Water - London




Thanks to the generosity of our members and friends our Emergency Relief Fund raised $650k to support 14 NGOs in Lebanon with the aim of relieving some of the most vulnerable communities in our country.
Phase I of our initiative supported 7 projectsview our progress so far

Phase II provided direct relief in food and medical supplies to more than 24,000 individuals across the country. Despite the hyperinflation on food products and the extremely volatile exchange market, we have worked closely with the NGOs to maximise the impact of the funds that have been deployed. The distribution of food kits began last month and for some, will last up to 3 months.
More updates coming soon...




We are pleased to announce our most recent collaboration with B.O.T (bridge, outsource, transform), in partnership with Alfanar.

B.O.T is an impact sourcing platform that provides high-quality digital services by skilled freelancers from marginalised communities in Lebanon. It has trained 1,187 freelancers, of which 46 have been employed by them. 270 jobs have been created since their inception in July 2019.

We have renewed our support to Codi and SE Factory by extending a grant of $30k to each. Codi with 51 graduates and SE Factory with 134 graduates are maintaining around a 90% employment rate despite the current situation in Lebanon.

We continue to support Jobs for Lebanon who have received 400 job openings, 3652 job applications and more than 40 jobs have been filled through the platform. 


If you are interested in supporting our effort to create more outsourcing opportunities for those living in Lebanon please contact Zeina Mhanna




Paul Raphael (Chair) - London

Firas Abi-Nassif - Zurich
Haneen El Sayed - Beirut
Lea Hakim - Washington DC
Jean-Marc Jabre - London

Omar Slim - Singapore
Wahbe A. Tamari - Beirut
Jacques Tohme - London
Gerard Zouein - London








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