Newsletter - Q2 2020


We hope that you and your loved ones are all keeping well.

There is no better time for Lebanese around the world to join together in solidarity, support each other, nurture the upcoming generations and drive positive change for our nation, all in hope for a brighter future.



We want to know how members are coping with LIFE in quarantine. Please feel free to share any photos from your day-to-day activities. Just email them to team@lifelebanon.com and we will post them on this page (accessible to members only).

The first photo we received is from Mouhammed Choukeir in London, showing us his alternative to a take-away coffee - Ahwe Arabiye.



During these extraordinary times, we continue and adapt our work to ensure members connectivity.

One of the takeaways from the previous LIFE Offsite, was to launch LIFE Digital - there is no better time to stay connected! 

Therefore we are now delivering online events and content via webinars and podcasts, bringing together members from across our chapters. We are also delighted to introduce the LIFE App!




The LIFE App is now ready for you!
To enhance members' connectivity we have changed the members profiling section on our website and on the app and what used to be your “specialities” is now “your area of expertise/practice”. In line with our expansion beyond finance, we have also introduced the new sectors: Consultancy, Law and Tech.

We encourage you to update your profile, as it will ensure a better members' experience on the app, which features a “suggested members to connect with” section and the online members directory.

Please “allow notifications” for the LIFE App in order to receive alerts and latest news.




LIFE Events move online!
Our first webinar was hosted by LIFE London Chair, Dina Geha and addressed "The Trials and Tribulations of Working from Home”. Then we heard from leading author Caroline Miller on Resilience and Grit in times of crisis.

Similarly, LIFE senior members were on hand to share their insights and advice on “Navigating the Crisis” in the recent weeks via podcasts.

This week, we examine "The Covid-19 Impact on Global and UAE Real Estate Markets" and discuss LIFE’s response to the "Lebanese Government's Reform Program".

More to follow...






Updated New York Committee Updated Singapore Committee Updated Washington DC Committee



Please join our members only Linked In Group and if you are a Junior Member you can also join our Facebook Group



LIFE's Education Emergency Fund of US$1m was established in January, focusing on students studying in Lebanon.
We are working closely with our 5 academic partners on the ground (AUB, USJ, LAU, ESA and UOB).

In addition to Finance related fields, the LIFE Scholarship now includes new degrees such as Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Science and Law.

In 2020 we will be reaching our largest pool of scholars since inception, around 120 students, an increase of 100% from 2019.




LIFE reached out to its scholars to see whether they need any additional support during these challenging times. 
It was comforting to know that all are doing well, some even offered to help others if needed.
Edmond Wakim, a LIFE Scholar doing his Masters in Management at HEC, Paris, wrote “I just wanted to thank you for this heartwarming message which showcases the values of solidarity and unity LIFE taught us.”




LIFE and The British Lebanese Association have been working with the Lebanese Embassy in the United Kingdom in support of Lebanese students and families stranded in the UK due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Stand Together Lebanon Initiative (STLI)” has come in aid to 149 applicants so far. However requests continue to flow and it is estimated that some 500 students are still stranded in the UK and require help.

Should you wish to make a donation, kindly contact the Embassy stli@lebanon-embassy.org




We have now launched Phase II of our Emergency Relief Fund in support of 8 NGOs who provide food, hygiene products and medication to families across the governorates in Lebanon. 

Phase II will allow us to support over 27,000 individuals. For some of these NGOs, our support will last up to 3 months, creating a sense of security and reassurance which is needed now more than ever.

With the help of 3QA, we have followed the same selection process as Phase I (registered, non-political, non-sectarian) except this time we focused on regional NGOs who have the specificity of being women-led, community-led and supporting the most vulnerable communities, some of which are left aside by political parties on the ground.

To find out more and donate please click here




SE Factory, a coding bootcamp in Beirut, supported by LIFE in partnership with Alfanar, has opened a new location in Tripoli, moved all classes online, and has maintained a 90% employment success rate for its 130+ graduates, who have gone on to work for companies from 7 different countries. In addition to its regular tech recruitment service (helping companies hire from its pool of trained talent), SEF also offers “managed services” to all overseas companies. For a low monthly fee, SEF takes care of all legal, admin and any other hiring friction points related to employees, while the latter work full-time with the overseas company. With the aim of becoming fully self-sustainable, SEF has recently launched its 1:1 eTutoring service for those interested in learning coding skills from scratch. 


Codi, also a coding bootcamp in Lebanon, supported by LIFE, has 51 graduates so far with an 89% employment rate at an average salary of US$1024 per month, compared to pre Codi, 67% of alumni were unemployed and those employed earned an average salary of US$524 per month.
Due to Covid-19, the Computer Literacy course is delayed until further notice, however applications remain open (anyone can apply here).

Click here for more information on our Social Enterprise Support Programme in Lebanon




LIFE is partnering with Jobs for Lebanon, a citizen-led economic initiative that aims to revive the Lebanese economy. It was born in December 2019, when the economic situation in Lebanon started deteriorating and unemployment, especially among the middle class, was rising. Concerned with the dire environment, a team of Lebanese expats, which includes LIFE Member Yalda Aoukar, as well as locals, came together to build a hiring platform, calling on the diaspora to hire local talent. 

Since its launch in March 2020, over 30,000 people from 131 countries have visited their website.
150 jobs were posted, 1323 candidates applied and at least 8 got hired. The team has grown to over 20 volunteers in 8 countries.

Please visit jobsforlebanon.com and consider using the platform as a source of quality talent for your hiring needs.



Please visit LIFE's Economic Research Hub page on our website




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