Newsletter - Q2 2019


2019 marks our 10-Year Anniversary! 

We are celebrating with 10 Events in 10 Chapters #10IN10 


The second celebration in the #10IN10 series took place in Hong Kong on 26th March. 
The event was generously hosted by Mac El Omari and his wife Anita at the Hong Kong Country Club where the Lebanese flags and food took pride of place.
Mac spoke of his rich experience in Hong Kong and within JPMorgan and Chapter Chair David Daoud gave a LIFE update #LIFEpics



As part of our 10-year celebrations a LIFE exhibition, curated by Elena Geuna and Zeina Raphael, will be running at Phillips, Berkeley Square, London from 8th - 16th November, showcasing the works of over 90 Lebanese artists and designers.

This is the first exhibition of its kind in London aiming to reflect Lebanon’s artistic history - its amalgamation of various cultures - by approaching the gallery as a ‘total space,’ which is able to render a plural image of Lebanon’s lively contemporary scene. 
It will feature a broad spectrum of Lebanese contemporary creativity - including paintings, photography, ceramics, sculpture, design, tapestry, fashion and jewellery.




Mouhammed Choukeir, LIFE Board Member and Chair of Connect, at LIFE's launch in Lebanon, 9th August 2010

Throughout the year there will be special editions of Meet Our Members featuring some of our 10 year members #Memberfor10




We are delighted to announce the opening of LIFE Washington DC
The launch took place on 12th March at the home of Ronnie Hammad, Chair of the Committee.
The committee includes Mirna Bayeh, Nasr El Hage Jr., Lea Hakim, Sahar Joseph Ghoussoub, Fadia M. Saadah, Wael Mansour, Samia Melhem and Baria Nabil Daye.


As part of the 'LIFE Talks' series, we were delighted to have Stéphane Abichaker, a member of our Beirut Chapter, talk to our Scholars and future applicants in Lebanon.

Stéphane adressed the topic of Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoins focusing on:

  • The origins of Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin’s nature - asset, commodity or currency
  • Cryptocurrencies, the relation between cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin, Forks, Altcoins and the ICO frenzy
  • Bitcoin vs. fractional reserve central banking: the ECB case

Talks were held at AUB, ESA, LAU and the UOB.
We are grateful to Stéphane for his time and engagement and would like to thank our academic partners for hosting us.


We held a Roundtable discussion 'The Lebanese Diaspora - A Long History of Enabling Trade and Business' in Washington DC on 13th March, attended by our Premium Members and Washington policy makers as well as our Honorary Board of Advisors, US.
This event was designed to establish a platform for dialogue between two leading segments of the Lebanese diaspora, namely LIFE and members of Washington-based policy establishment with Lebanese roots and/or ties to Lebanon.

Three main topics were addressed:
1. The Lebanese: A Community that Transcends Borders
2. Connecting LIFE with Washington
3. Lebanon: Economic Outlook

We took away a general desire to channel our collective energy and influence in order to make a more lasting impact to our global “brand” and our ability to take a more active role in influencing specific economic and finance-related aspects of the policy agenda as it relates to Lebanon. We also concluded that promoting our brand equity by enhancing awareness, improving understanding and establishing bridges for ongoing dialogue would be both desirable and achievable.
Additionally, we showcased a short documentary entitled “Beyond Borders” depicting a variety of notable figures from the Lebanese diaspora and illustrating some international success stories bound by common roots. 



Central Working Victoria, Eccleston Yards, 25 Eccleston Place, London SW1W 9NF