LIFE reaches $3 million "endowment" milestone

17 Mar 2017

Dear members and friends,

I am pleased to announce one of the largest individual donations to date represented by the gift of $1 million to LIFE by Wahid and his wife Violette Chammas which vests over the next 10 years.  
While Wahid has been a generous donor for many years, the long term and unrestricted nature of this commitment will help support our growth initiatives across any  of our pillars in line with our future ambitions. This donation also marks an important milestone as it puts LIFE’s fundraising campaign over its first milestone of $3 million in funds raised so far putting us well on our way towards our $5 million target for the end of 2018.

Since Wahid joined LIFE, his actions have always demonstrated a strong belief in and support to our vision and objectives. After joining as one of the first VPMs, he quickly volunteered to chair "Nurture" serving for 2 years during which he successfully established our scholarship and other programmes as important pillars of LIFE.He is currently a member of the Board after being elected in 2014.
When asked to comment on his motivation, Wahid wrote us the following: “I was initially most passionate about supporting Nurture through LIFE Generation but I have recently become equally inspired by the other initiatives we are trying to achieve through Connect and Promote, many of which are bold and ambitious, and frankly require a different, more holistic approach across all 3 pillars. I therefore want this long term donation to bolster LIFE’s ability to plan for the future in pursuing our objectives".

I would like to thank Wahid and Violette for their tremendous vote of confidence in our organisation and take this opportunity to thank all our donors who have been supporting us since day one, and without whom LIFE would not be where it is today.

We have ambitious plans for the future across our pillars and are counting on your continuing support.

Marc Malek

Chairman of the Board