Update on Promote and Introducing LIFE’s Fourth Pillar “Advocate”

27 Jan 2021

Dear Members and Friends,

I hope your year has gotten off to a good start and you and your families remain safe and healthy. As a follow up to my year end letter to all of you last month, I wanted to provide you with a few important updates on our Pillars.

First, I would like to announce that after two years as the Chair of LIFE's Promote Pillar, and in line with our Corporate Governance, Paul Raphael is stepping down from the role. Please join me in thanking Paul for his exemplary and tireless leadership and dedication through what has been the most challenging period in Lebanon’s history. Paul oversaw the significant work that LIFE did on the ground including enhancing our public views and recommendations with respect to tackling the financial and economic situation in Lebanon, increasing our connectivity to policy makers and important organisations globally, in addition to the on-the-ground initiatives of job creation and our humanitarian initiatives. Paul hands over Promote as a strong Pillar with multiple initiatives well underway that can be built upon.

I am pleased to announce that fellow Board member, Jean-Marc Jabre, Founding Partner at Capital D, London, has kindly agreed to take on the mantle and chair Promote for the upcoming period. Promote’s main focus will continue to be on job creation and humanitarian efforts, both essential for the sustainability and well-being of Lebanon and its people. These are initiatives that Jean-Marc was already instrumental in directing and growing as an active member of the committee. I would like to express my gratitude to Jean-Marc for accepting to lead this important Pillar and I am sure that with his passion and motivation to direct and support Promote’s objectives, we will continue making an impact in Lebanon and help those most vulnerable get through these difficult times.

Furthermore, and as previewed in my year end letter, I would like to officially introduce LIFE’s fourth Pillar: “Advocate”.  Advocate will aim to support the economic, financial and social development of Lebanon by channelling the expertise, resources and goodwill of our members. Through this initiative, LIFE aims to:

  • Produce position papers on the economic and financial developments in Lebanon;
  • Raise awareness on civic duties and governance in schools, universities and in the media by coordinating with other organisations, such as grassroots and think tanks;
  • Steer the economic narrative on Lebanon in the US and the EU in line with LIFE’s impartial views towards supporting the economic and financial well being of Lebanon.

This new Pillar will be led by fellow Board Member, Omar Slim, Senior Portfolio Manager at PineBridge Investments, Singapore. I am extremely grateful to Omar for taking on this crucial role which will be instrumental in our mission of working together towards a brighter future for our country, particularly now and in the face of a catastrophic situation in Lebanon.

LIFE’s pillars are driven by the voluntary work of its Chairs, without whom the vision, strategy and plans for LIFE could not be achieved. I would once again like to thank Paul, Jean-Marc and Omar, as well as Khalil Barrage, Chair of Nurture and Mouhammed Choukeir, Chair of Connect, for their commitment to the organisation. As we continue to turn the page on 2020, and we delve into the new year, I look forward to working with you on delivering on our mission while tackling the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Thank you for your ongoing support and engagement.

Best Regards,
May Nasrallah
Chair of the LIFE Board