800 Jobs Created - Lebanon’s youth need us to keep going - Your action appreciated

14 Oct 2020

Dear Members and Friends,

Since 2019, LIFE has been supporting carefully selected social enterprises, namely CodiSE Factory and BOT to create job opportunities in Lebanon. We also entered into a partnership with Jobs for Lebanon and have fielded a number of LIFE members as ambassadors around the world. Our aim is to provide financial grants and mentorship to disadvantaged Lebanese students and professionals who also get key introductions to the LIFE network.

Please find a full report of our Job Creation Initiative here

Following the successful $8 million Beirut Emergency Relief effort, launched by LIFE and Partners, it is imperative that we continue to focus on promoting job creation and entrepreneurship in Lebanon, so that we can play our part in giving the younger generation in Lebanon a reason to stay in gainful employment. 

We encourage you to use these companies and platforms for your hiring needs, along with LIFE’s internal career portal where members and scholars can advertise or apply for jobs and internships.

Please help spread the word about our initiative - 800 jobs created so far, we need to keep going.

With best wishes,
Paul Raphael
LIFE Promote Chair