SST 12- "Public speaking" by Roula Sawan, Beirut

LIFE Beirut

10:00 - 13:00 08 December 2018


This event is for our Beirut-based scholars only.
For any queries, please contact Lara Koro

This is the 12th and final in an annual series of training sessions offered to our Beirut-based scholars.
It will focus on "Public speaking" and will be delivered by Roula Sawan.

• Overcome your fear in front of a group
• Use verbal and non-verbal communication to enhance your speech
• Capture and maintain audience’s attention
• Structure your speech properly and get the best outcome
• Be aware about what to wear and what to eat before the delivery

About Roula Sawan
Roula is the managing partner at TEAM IN MOTION (Specialized Company for team building activities and personal development training) and is the director of Youth & Culture Center at Zouk Mikael municipality.
She is a personal development trainer at Antonine University – UPA. She teaches at USJ- Psychomotricity department. She is among the list of trainers at AUST.
Roula has a Master degree in Commercial and Industrial business Administration from St Joseph University. She earned the Train of Trainers from UFE. She is a qualified Team Coach from ORSC-CRR Global San Francisco and member in process to ICF.
Roula worked earlier in her career as Purchasing Manager at the BHV Store (1999- 2005), then Divisional Manager at ABC Store (2005-2007) and General Manager for the American Franchise “Curves for Women” (2007-2010).
Roula is an activist in several NGO’s to empower & motivate youth and women. She considers that a woman can lead and be an efficient player in her country’s development.
She is the Vice-President in Parents Committee at SSCC Sioufi, member at MEPI LAA (Middle Eastern Partnership Initiative)
Her mission is to create awareness in the community for the importance of the teamwork and communication in our daily life. She likes to do hiking, biking, swimming and caving. She is married to Marwan Sawan and have 3 kids Rhea, Lynn & Anthony.

About Social Skills Training
As part of our commitment to our scholars, we will be running the Social Skills Training program this year to help them improve their social skills. The program will be run by professional coaches who have extensive experience in personal development training.

Social skills are the life skills we use every day to communicate and interact with other people, both individually and in groups. People who have worked on developing strong social skills are usually more successful in both their professional and personal lives.

Employers often seek to hire staff with 'strong interpersonal skills' - they want people who will work well in teams and able to communicate effectively with colleagues, customers and clients.
People aren’t born with good communication skills; like any other skill, they are learned through trial and error and repeated practice.

The training will be divided into modules. Each module will cover a different social skill ranging from “Business Etiquette”, “Public Speaking”, “Interpersonal Communication”, “Time and Stress Management”, Resume writing, etc.