Roundtable Summit, Washington DC.

LIFE Washington

13:00 - 22:00 13 March 2019

Metropolitan Club

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This event is open for Premium members only.

The LIFE Promote Committee

cordially invite you to a roundtable event entitled
“The Lebanese Diaspora - A Long History of Enabling Trade and Investment”

on Wednesday March 13, 2019 at The Metropolitan Club, Washington DC

This event is designed to bridge the Lebanese global finance network with Americans of Lebanese descent active in public life - past and present Cabinet Secretaries, Members of Congress, Diplomats, and other senior officials. It will also include officials from the World Bank, IMF, the Fed and selected think tanks.


Event Chairs:     LIFE Advisory Board Member: Tom Barrack
                             LIFE Honorary Advisory Board: Secretary Spencer Abraham, Senator George J Mitchell,
                             Senator John E Sununu

Event:                 Roundtable and dinner on “The Lebanese Diaspora - A long history of enabling trade and business”
                            and the shared values of capitalism and democracy between the Lebanese and the United States

                             Roundtables: from 2pm

                             Dinner Reception: from 6:30pm

Attendees:         Current and Former: Presidential Cabinet, Members of Congress, Diplomats, Senior Admin Officials,
                             Senior World Bank/IMF, who will be meeting LIFE’s Board, Advisory Board and Premium Members


1:00PM               Arrival & Lunch

2:00PM               Opening Remarks: Tom Barrack, May Nasrallah, Senator John E Sununu

2:30PM               Roundtable 1: "The Lebanese: A Global Community that Transcends Borders" Featuring Global
                             Business Leaders

3:30PM               Coffee & Networking Break

4:00PM               Roundtable 2: “Connecting LIFE with Washington” Featuring Congresspersons and Senior Officials of
                             Lebanese descent

5:00PM               Roundtable 3: "Assessment of Recent Economic Developments in Lebanon" Featuring Foreign
                             Investment Experts

6:00PM               Closing Remarks to Discussions: Senator George Mitchell, Paul Raphael


6:30PM               Evening Reception

7:30PM               Welcome: LIFE Chairwoman May Nasrallah
                             Opening Remarks: Tom Barrack

8:00PM               Short Documentary on the Lebanese Diaspora

8:30PM               Keynote Address (TBC)

10:00PM             Closing Remarks: Secretary Spencer Abraham