LIFE Leadership Offsite 2018

12:00 16 November 2018 - 12:00 18 November 2018

Trianon Palace, Versailles

LIFE 2.0: Senior Offsite Takeaways and #LIFEpics!

As many of you know, LIFE’s 5th Leadership Offsite took place on 16-18 November in Versailles gathering 80 delegates from over 20 cities amongst LIFE’s most senior members who were able to connect, debate and set ambitions for LIFE in a relaxed yet productive setting.

Thanks to feedback from a broad group of participants, we are already planning the next Offsite to include more member panels, exchange platforms on business opportunities, job enhancing ideas and projects in Lebanon and debates around emerging themes.

We left Versailles with a strong consensus on 10 key actions aimed at enhancing our effectiveness and reach:


  • Tailor our value proposition by tier (e.g. premium, senior, mid, junior) with sharper differentiation
  • Enhance the business networking platform 
  • Optimise our reach in finance and finance-related fields to remain relevant within the finance ecosystem
  • Develop formal linkages into Lebanese leaders in industries other than finance


  • Increase the funding raised for scholarships in order to reach a broader group and increase individual funding levels to identified future leaders attending top tier universities globally 


  • Increase focus on impact in Lebanon using non-political arguments for our actions such as "best practices" and “consumer protection”
  • Enhance LIFE’s capability and focus on the ground with the objective of creating jobs in Lebanon and supporting select social enterprises

Other streams:

  • LIFE Digital: Digitise LIFE across activities
  • Communication: Professionalise and amplify our communication flow with the support of experts
  • Sustainability: Launch an endowment fund to reach $10m within 3-5 years

Finally, in order to radiate the energy and sense of community during the weekend, we are delighted to share pictures here for your enjoyment.  
Thank you for your continued engagement and commitment to our organisation.

We are stronger together and we at the LIFE team look forward to working with all of you to realise our collective ambitions.