LIFE 10th Anniversary Celebration, LIFE Beirut

LIFE Beirut

19:00 - 23:59 05 August 2019

Mir Amin Palace Hotel

This event is for members and by invitation only. Limited places for Junior members based on a first come first served.

We thank you if you are buying a table, and we kindly ask you to note that non-member guests should not have any conflict of interest with LIFE as stated in the LIFE bylaws: "(a) any solicitation of any business from the Lebanese government that may be or may be perceived as a conflict with aspects of the “Promote” agenda of LIFE, and (b) an active role or involvement in advising, soliciting or representing any Lebanese governmental institution".

For any enquiry on inviting a non-member guest, kindly reach out to Frederique Chemali on

Accommodation in the area

Where to get your traditional Lebanese attire

  • Assyla shop - Saifi Village 
    Contact+961 1 970 333 and quote LIFE to benefit from 15% discount
  • Nawal Souvenir Shop
    Contact: +961 3 324 797 and quote LIFE
* Tickets are not transferrable not refundable