Membership Eligibility Requirements

  • Members are expected to be Lebanese or of Lebanese descent
  • Membership is exclusive to executives based outside Lebanon*
  • Members are expected to have a minimum of full time 7 years of experience in fields related to finance
  • Membership is by invitation or referral only
  • Membership is subject to approval by the LIFE country Committee in each constituency
  • Younger professionals with less than 7 years of experience in fields related to finance can join as junior members

(*)Membership Eligibility Requirements for residents in Lebanon

  • Corporate donors at or above the level of $25,000 can nominate up to 1 designated senior executive member who can apply for membership. Corporate donors at or above the level of $100,000 can nominate up to 2 senior members. Such senior membership is subject to the same membership fees as for LIFE members based outside Lebanon.
  • Existing LIFE members who return to Lebanon are eligible to maintain their membership at the appropriate level provided:
    • They had been living abroad for a minimum of 10 years prior to relocating to Beirut.
    • They are fully paid-up members of LIFE
    • They remain active in fields related to finance
  • Membership eligibility for Finance executives based in Lebanon is otherwise only available at the Premium Member level subject to the same eligibility requirements as those based outside provided the nature of their activity is international.


 For more information please download our Annual Review 2017. You can also send an email to the Membership Team.

Membership Fees and Contributions

Premium Member 10k $10,000 £6,000 €7,500
Premium Member 5k $5,000 £3,000 €3,750
Senior Member Age 41+ $1,000 £600 €750
Senior Member Age 35-40 $500 £300 €375
Senior Member Under 35 $250 £150 €190
Junior Member (3-6 y of exp.) $150 £100 €135
Junior Member (1-2 y of exp.) - - -

The Premium Member (PM) network represents LIFE's most senior group. It is one of the main pillars of the organisation and helps us formulate and live LIFE’s vision and principles. We encourage networking among PM around potential business and other opportunities by setting up bespoke introductions and organising targeted forums. You can find the list of the PM here. We welcome expressions of interest, to know more kindly contact us on

Membership Privacy Policy & Use of Membership Directory

LIFE respects the privacy of its members and operates according to the following policies:

  • The LIFE Online Membership Directory is a service restricted to LIFE members
  • LIFE expects and encourages its members to use this information with good judgment and discretion and to attend requests from fellow members
  • Use of the Directory for mass marketing, direct solicitations or "spamming" is prohibited and can result in an immediate termination of benefits