LIFE is constantly looking to strengthen the bonds amongst the Lebanese finance executives across the globe.

We believe that we are “stronger together” and whether we are senior or more junior, scaling our solidarity will help us empower the network.
To that effect, we are looking to create a platform of exchange within each of the top 10 banks globally. To-date, this project was initiated at BAML, Barclays, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Lazard, Morgan Stanley and UBS. A further platform that reads across banks has also been made available through the Bank Ambassadors.
This is intended to serve as a channel of communication which can be used to share ideas, events, job offers, request for advice or any other matter you feel is relevant to be shared by the group.

We thank our members who are championing this initiative in their respective institutions.
As a LIFE member, you can also leverage the database and CRM on the website to join communities across banks in similar fields of expertise to enhance support networks.

For more information, please contact the Connect Team