• Increase the network accessibility: members online directory, business introductions, referrals and advice on business proposals
  • Institutionalise and scale members solidarity, especially through the LIFE Ambassador initiative
  • Foster Premium Contributors networking platform
  • Maintain around 100+ events globally across the chapters
  • Regroup and increase Junior members through our scholars' community
  • 2 new spokes/chapters
  • Grow senior membership by 20%
  • Reach 1,000 active members


  • Award 32 new scholarships for 2018-2019
  • Increase the support provided to our scholars by matching each scholar with a Buddy (previous scholar from the same university or geographical location), in addition to a Mentor
  • Renew the Executive Mentoring programme by launching the 3rd round
  • Improve the sourcing of jobs and internships with the intention of filling a larger number of positions
  • Explore new academic partnerships and leverage on existing ones to increase value for members


  • Deepen and expand existing projects
  • Develop new initiatives that support Promote’s mission statement
  • Launch the entrepreneurship resource centre in Beirut
  • Establish a Business and Economic Policy Advisory Committee
  • Launch a Capital Market Advisory Sounding Board


  • Objectives for 2016
  • Objectives for 2015
  • Objectives for 2014
  • Objectives for 2013
  • Objectives for 2012
  • Objectives for 2011
  • Objectives for 2010

For the 2017 Chairman Manifesto, please click here