Why was LIFE established?
LIFE is a global platform that was established  in 2009 to harness the collective strengths of its members.
We are a group of professionals working together towards a brighter future for Lebanon.

Is membership in LIFE limited to the financial sector?
Until recently membership was limited to finance and finance related sectors. In 2020 , and in our pursuit to broaden the influence of the Lebanese diaspora, LIFE is opening its boundaries to include, in the first instance, the fields of consultancy, law and technology.

How does LIFE connect its members?
LIFE  currently has 11 active chapters (Beirut, Dubai, Geneva, Hong Kong, London, Montreal, New York, Paris, Singapore, Sydney and Washington DC) with more than 1000 members. This wide and rich network creates a tight connective platform between members globally and helps Lebanese executives and industry leaders support each other worldwide.

How is LIFE contributing to a brighter future for Lebanon?
LIFE has a three dimensional approach:
In Nurture, LIFE helps the next generation of Lebanon
 succeed in their aspirations and career paths through scholarships, mentorships and job placement opportunities.
In Promote,  LIFE acts as a bridge between the public and the private sector. By channeling its members’ collective expertise, LIFE advises policy makers and fosters dialogue with Lebanese and international bodies on a wide range of topics. To that extent, LIFE issued and contributed to a number of white papers on the economic and financial situation in Lebanon.
In Connect, LIFE provides a platform for our members to develop relationships and potential work collaborations.
Last but not least, and given the dire situation in Lebanon, LIFE has also established a humanitarian fund to support essential projects delivered by carefully vetted NGOs in Lebanon. 

How is LIFE funded?
LIFE is 100% funded by its members through membership fees and donations.

Is LIFE affiliated to a Lebanese party or body?
LIFE transcends all political religious and social affiliations and is not influenced by any body, association or party.
LIFE members work together as a group of Lebanese professionals, spread across the world, with one body and one vision.
LIFE ensures that all the views and recommendations it provides are independent , objective and transparent.

How does LIFE operate to ensure its objectivity and impartiality?
LIFE has a robust transparent governance structure, with clearly articulated by laws and monitored by a governance committee
Its Board, made up of elected members spread across the globe and with different expertise, drive its agenda, based on LIFE’s  mission and its values of Solidarity, Integrity, Pluralism, Transparency and Commitment, that are at the core of LIFE’s operations and ethos.

What is the relationship between LIFE and the Lebanese banks?
LIFE is not influenced by any body, association or party and will continue to provide independent, objective and transparent recommendations, views and advice to various actors in Lebanon and abroad. In that spirit, LIFE has and will maintain a strong dialogue with the banks as LIFE believes a banking sector operating within the strict confines of Lebanese law, international regulations and with strong risk management and governance is essential to the Lebanese economy. 
It is essential that the banking segment respects its principal fiduciary duty of protecting deposits and treating clients fairly.