We believe Lebanon to be a country best defined by a global community of more than 16 million people spread over 6 continents. Beginning with finance, a discipline anchored in our history, our vision is to create a shared platform that transcends borders and affiliations, encouraging all Lebanese around the world to support each other, nurture the upcoming generations, drive positive change and promote cross border equity for our nation.


A network of Lebanese professionals working together towards a brighter future.    

LIFE Corporate Movie

LIFE Corporate Movie


We operate around our core values being: solidarity, integrity, pluralism, transparency and commitment.


LIFE is a worldwide membership organisation of Lebanese professionals based in the diaspora, funded by membership fees and by individual and corporate donors.
LIFE was founded in 2009 with the aim of providing a platform to channel the influence of Lebanese executives active in fields related to finance worldwide through its three pillars:

CONNECT: Establish stronger bonds among Lebanese executives active in fields related to finance (Finance, Fintech, Finance Consulting, Corporate Law and Real Estate)
NURTURE: Help the next generation succeed in the fields related to finance
PROMOTE: Act as the bridge between LIFE and Lebanon’s public and private sectors, channelling LIFE’s expertise and influence towards the development of the Lebanese economy. 

LIFE currently boasts over 1000 finance professionals across 11 chapters in Australia, Canada, France, Hong Kong, Lebanon, Singapore, Switzerland, UAE, UK and US.

LIFE operates through a number of activities including business networking events, providing scholarships and mentoring for young aspiring talents as well as offering career transition advice and introductions for mid-career professionals. LIFE also aims to encourage job creation and entrepreneurship in Lebanon, promote sound economic and financial policy in Lebanon and foster a dialogue with policy makers in Washington DC.

LIFE organises monthly events in all its chapters and 2 major events every 18 months, a Senior Leadership Offsite and a Gala Dinner.

LIFE Generation is the charity arm of LIFE, it is registered in Lebanon, France, the UK, the US (501c3) and Switzerland and is financed through fundraising events such as the Gala Dinner as well as contributions from foundations, corporations and private donors. 100% of these funds are dedicated to the Nurture programme (scholarship and career advancement programme).