The Nurture team offers mentoring to LIFE scholars and members across its network.
LIFE pairs mentors and scholars/mentees by looking for the best match based on:

  • The mentees' profile (scholar or member)
  • And the experience, profile and skills specified by the mentor

Mentoring Programmes Duration:

  • Scholar Mentoring is offered throughout the entire curriculum's duration
  • Junior and Executive Mentoring are offered for up to 12 months

2015 key figures

  • 46 Scholars mentored by 43 Senior Members
  • 11 Executives mentored by 11 fellow Senior Members

How to become a Mentee/Mentor

If you would like to become a mentor or a mentee, you can send us your request by email on the following link

You can view our Guidelines here.

Existing Mentees and Mentors

For current mentors and mentees, you can create and view your activities by following the simple steps listed below: