Voluntary Premium Members (VPM) Network

VPM are the pillars of the organisation and help us formulate and live LIFE’s vision and principles. VPM’s contributions have made the dream of a better Lebanese global community become a reality.
VPM represent LIFE most senior and most engaged group, all MD-level or above with 15 years of experience in Finance or above and wish to contribute financially and otherwise to the organisation. You can find the list of our supporters here

We do believe that we are “stronger together”. In order to combine our strengths we have created a novel and simple communication tool: the VPM Network, composed of VPM members ONLY.  

This platform will allow the VPM to share ideas, provide opinions and feedback all year long rather than just during the LIFE offsites.  It will also be used to seek advice and/or a helping hand with projects or ideas any of the VPM may have, which could take the form of a referral to someone within in the VPMs’ network (LIFE and external).

If you are interested to know more or to join this group, please contact the Connect Team