Connect is LIFE’s professional network offering its members the vision, the connections and a favourable environment to assist them in their career objectives and enabling them to support the success of others via defined philanthropic programmes.
LIFE has representative committees operating in SydneyBeirut, Dubai, Geneva, Hong Kong, London, Montréal, New York, Paris and Singapore and aims to become the foremost Lebanese global diaspora organisation in its field.
The country committees, together with the central Membership Team in London, have led the activities in their respective jurisdictions to offer members unique networking and professional opportunities such as business introductions, mentorship and events' programmes.

 For more information about the membership please download our Brochure and send an email to the Membership Team.

LIFE's Professional Network

LIFE Senior members have been the pillars of the organisation through the years and we are grateful for their contributions in ensuring LIFE have a future worthy of its vision, principles and value proposition.

As our ranks continue to grow, the value of leveraging our network more systematically becomes ever more important. 
We have developed some networking tools and initiatives that are now at your disposal , over and above the more traditional events programmes.

  • ONLINE MEMBERS DIRECTORY: allows members to look-up other members by area of interest, region or company in the My LIFE section
  • BUSINESS INTRODUCTIONS: help the senior members confidentially address introduction requests, career transition needs or career advice
  • MARKETPLACE: opening doors for networking and business opportunities accross LIFE chapters through an online exchange platform
  • ADVICE ON BUSINESS PROPOSALS: provide a pro-active follow-up, efficiently and selectively tap the LIFE network to increase the chances of connecting interested parties in order to facilitate such outreach - The request form can be downloaded here and then submitted to the team
    We thank Carlos Heneine and Wissam Kairouz for being the champions of this initiative and for their ongoing support for the team
  • PREMIUM MEMBERS NETWORK: allows the Premium Members (most senior members group) to share ideas, seek advice, lend a helping hand on specific projects and provide regular feedback and views
  • BANK AMBASSADORS: initiative that offers a channel of communication within 10 of the top 10 banks globally to institutionalise and scale the solidarity, leverage interexchange across banks and share ideas, events and job offers
  • EVENTS: Are held accross the chapters including career events, thematic speaker series, mix and drinks, VPM gatherings, leadership offsite, gala dinner, global business summit, etc.

In order to optimise members’ experience and enhance the LIFE value proposition, we encourage you to ensure your LIFE profile is always regularly updated.

The Connect team is always available for your feedback and ideas.